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Steel is our nature.

Steel is
our nature.

Frame your ideas
with Forster.

We are steel enthusiasts developing long-lived systems for expressive and energy-efficient architecture.

  • forster fuego light door EI30

    fuego light

    Our protective

    Our multi-functional thermally isolated system with cooling fire protection filling for preventive fire and smoke protection indoors. Narrow face widths ensure plenty of natural light in the room.

  • Forster omnia Windows


    Our high-performance

    The highly insulated modular solution for exterior applications – for maximum energy efficiency and safety. Designed as a fire protection solution: our most sustainable product made from 100 percent steel.

  • Forster unico Windows


    Our multi-talented

    Our most multi-functional system for exterior applications due to a wide range of safety solutions and opening types. Resistant and long-lasting thanks to profiles made solely from steel or stainless steel in combination with slender profile faces. For demanding design requirements, including curved shapes.

  • forster unico xs

    unico xs

    Our elegant

    Our most filigree, highly insulated solution made from 100 percent steel – slender face widths and a wide variety of applications. For demanding design requirements with high aesthetics for exterior applications.

  • Forster presto 50 Windows

    presto 50

    Our classic

    The simple, uninsulated solution for indoors. Resistant despite its very low structural depth – fully recyclable as well.

  • Forster presto 60 Windows

    presto 60s

    Our classic

    The uninsulated solution with increased material strength for interior applications. For improved statics and a wide range of safety requirements.

  • Forster presto xs Windows

    presto xs

    Our minimalistic

    Our especially filigree, uninsulated system in 100 percent steel offers maximum freedom of design. For high design requirements indoors in flush and recessed versions.

  • thermfix light facade

    thermfix light

    Our flexible

    Facade system with attachment profiles for vertical and horizontal solutions with great freedom of design for exterior applications. Great versatility thanks to the option of using substructures made from steel, aluminium or wood.

  • thermfix vario facade

    thermfix vario

    Our modular

    For maximal transparency and rooms flooded with light, with heat insulation meeting passive house standards – can be combined with fire protection and burglar resistance.

  • HiLo research and innovation unit

    Dübendorf, Switzerland - ROK Rippmann Oesterle KnaussBlock Research Group, ETH Zürich

    thermfix vario Facades, unico Doors and unico Windows - HiLo research and innovation unit located in Dübendorf, Switzerland
  • Clouth 104

    Cologne, Germany - Lepel & Lepel

    unico xs Windows and unico Windows - Clouth 104 located in Cologne, Germany
  • Maison de la Paix

    Geneva, Switzerland - Éric Ott

    fuego light Doors and fuego light Windows - Maison de la Paix located in Geneva, Switzerland
  • ECAvenir Lausanne

    Lausanne, Switzerland - Architram Architecture et Urbanisme SA

    thermfix vario Facades, fuego light Doors, fuego light Sliding systems and unico Doors - ECAvenir Lausanne located in Lausanne, Switzerland

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